Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nephelaphyllum borneensis

Totally camouflaged against a backdrop of dry leaves, this ground orchid creep along a cool dark mountain slope in Sarawak. Some have regarded this to be a subspecies of the common and larger N. pulchrum. The literal translation of the latin name Nephelaphyllum is cloudy leaf.


Hermes said...

Well spotted. What beautiful leaves.

Hort Log said...

It was pointed out to me, and even then it was not easy to spot in such poor light. This is a really cryptic plant.

Hon E said...

very interesting foliage, is it easy to grow?

Hort Log said...

well, small ground orchids in this region in general are hard to grow, so I believe this one too.

Hermes said...

Just found this which you might find interesting:



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